About Me

Hello, I’m Monica.

This month, December 2020, marking 10 years of my journey as SAP SD consultant. It’s not short time to reach this bar. And realizing that what I put in this blog still give valuable insight for anybody give me courage to do better.

I knew SAP since I was still in college, finishing my graduate degree in Information Technology. That time SAP was introduced as a primary subject that had to be taken as a credit semester. I took basic of two modules there: FI and SD. But I get more interested in SD ever since.

When I learned SAP, I just think that it will become very challenging exploring what SAP is and what it can do to support business. I know the road as still long way down to go. Especially nowadays when SAP technology also evolves and engage more in the cloud application to be more robust and answer business requirements.

Many opportunities I experienced, new bits of knowledge, exploring new technologies, friends, travelling, and more…

I’m now living in Singapore since 2016, working in one of multinational company here. I got chance also to travel abroad to conduct the SAP training, involved in some projects, and more. Met various business users with different cultures, it broaden my view and also perspective about how we live.

This blog is only personal notes towards certain topic that I explore and documented in the short leisure time while juggling between work and my personal life. Mostly I want to share SAP SD but you can also find little some of technical things like ABAP or other stuffs.

In conclusion, enjoy it! The ordinary notes from me that I more than happy to share with you…:)

Warm regards,


Notes: just only intermezzo, in the past I got impressed when going to groceries nearby my place. The tagline “THE BEST RUN BUSINESS RUN SAP” displayed on cashier register successfully thrilled me (I think SAP now use different tagline indeed..) 🙂


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Monika,

    my name is Nikos and I am an SAP SD / MM consultant (15+ years in SAP), with ABAP knowledge. I live and work in Europe mostly. I have visited, seen and liked your web site (blog) about SD.
    Really I want to thank you because it is a great work, concise and with good explanation, what you have done. In the past I have seen many sites arround SD (and SAP generally), but yours, even you are alone, it has a great approach.

    Best Regards,


      1. Hi Minica,

        It is not Ordinary at all… :). It is great help for people like me .

        We appreciate your blog and it is really helpful.



  2. Hi Monica

    It’s great to have it.
    I am also SD consultant
    Can I have your contact email address?
    Please send it to my email address directly

    Many thanks


  3. Hi, Monica,

    I am new comer in FI, I have no any technical background, so it makes me so frustrated.
    Your materical is helpful me, if I have any question more, can I reach you by emai?

  4. Thanks Monica.. I’m doing an Indonesia deployment now and this function really helped addressed the Statutory Downpayment requirements. So far it has worked perfectly for all partial delivery scenarios under dropship, Cross-selling, direct sales etc..) except for the case where Withholding tax is posted in the same billing document. We are seeing a different WHT base amount in the FI document compared to that passed over from SD. Wonder if you or anyone else have encountered this before and how it was resolved? Thanks.

    1. Hi Leong,
      It’s great that this content I wrote in the past still relevant nowadays. Unfortunately myself never combine the feature with withholding tax itself. If standard not capable…could be the enhancement needed as workaround, im not sure also but just give a try when you explore further!
      Moreover, to confirm if the solution workable, please also give a test regarding the reversal (cancellation), hope no issue encountered with this down payment based on condition functionality. Good luck!

      1. Thanks Monica for the quick response.. Cancellation is the next set of tests that I’m doing now..
        P.S. I’ve sent u a linkedin connection as well..

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