Packing Instructions & Determination

Packing instruction is a master data that you defined to set up the packaging material used by materials. For example, if your packing process have a standard such as, a box will contains 6 PCs of material XYZ. Thus, packing instructions of this will be set up as a master in your system. So that, you don’t need to do manual packing process and reduce your time and effort in do packing in the system. Based on automatic packing process, when delivery order created, system will automatically search your packing instruction for materials that you delivered and then calculated and give you result of packing materials used. Automatic pacing is made based on combination of customer, materials, and packaging material used.


T-code you used for create packing instructions is POP1. First you give external name for your packing instruction.

Create Packing Instruction

The combination of your packing instruction can be: one packaging material with one material or one packaging material with many materials.

Furthermore, you can also maintain the dimension of this packing instruction.

Basically, the process of create packing instruction is done till this step. The next step is assign your packing instruction to your packing instruction determination.


To be able to be used in delivery process, thus the packing instruction have to be assign to packing instruction determination based on the rule you already defined.

T-code for create packing instruction determination is POF1.

First, determination type that contains key combination should be set up through customizing.

Here, I chooses standard, determination is based on Material and Ship-to Party.

In the entry provided, for material and customer set up here I assign the packing instruction that already made before.

If we have another option to pack this material thus thus the other packing instruction could be assign as an alternative packing instruction.img-1.5i

Standard SAP provide additional 4 alternative packing instruction.


Master packing instruction and determination that already created in previous step then will be used in automatic packing process. If you familiar with delivery processing, when you create packing in Outbound Delivery Document (ODO) you can do automatic packing there.

As for example in screenshot below, the material to be packed will be listed down in bottom section. To do automatic packing, click on button .

System then will searching the appropriate packing instruction that already mapping in packing instruction determination. If suitable packing found, the material will be packed into packaging material based on the rule of quantity defined.



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    Can I know how to trigger the returnable material in the delivery order level?
    I have tried, but still can’t trigger the returnable material
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