Route Determination in Shipment Based on Delivery Order Route

In some case, client has a requirement that route that already defined before in delivery order document should be able to copy automatically in shipment document. But this is need little effort to make changing in configuration, especially in routine copy control in shipment type.

As describe in screenshot below, the route that defined first in delivery order is “000001” which is “Northern Route”. User wants if he creates shipment document, this route is automatically copied in shipment document, without double entry needed.


Route that already defined in delivery order document
Create shipment document
Delivery order document that already assigned in shipment document

Without any customizing, means still use the standard customizing provide by SAP, the field shipment route is still blank and do not copy the route which is provided from delivery order.

To be able to fulfill the user requirement, when the shipment document is created, the field shipment route is copied from delivery document. The configuration in shipment type is needed.

Open IMG (t-code: SPRO): Logistics Execution > Transportation > Shipments > Define Shipment Types.

Path to define shipment type

Choose the shipment type you used, here I used Shipment Type “0001”.

Customizing shipment type

Scroll down to bottom until you find field Copy Routine, then filled it with “2: Route“. Then save.

Routine in shipment document that determine route
Available routines in customizing shipment type

After save your customizing, then do test for your shipment document. Create shipment, then assign your delivery order document. After that open the shipment overview, and press the “Planning” button. System then will automatically copy the route from delivery order to shipment document.



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