Differentiate Shipping Point in Delivery Order

Somehow, there is a requirement when create a delivery order need to have different shipping point with what was state in sales order. This scenario is applied when there is a plant that has more than one shipping point that are assigned to it and without change the sales order, shipping point in delivery order can be differentiate. Shipping point is an organization unit in SAP use for shipping processing. Thus, shipping point has to be assigned to at least one plant. When creating delivery order, shipping point is a mandatory organizational unit that have to be provided instead of sales order number and items.

If you use different shipping point that is different from sales order, in standard system, it will cause an error such as “Item…. : delivery split because of different shipping point.” Thus, in order to be able to differentiate the shipping point in delivery order, you have to change the shipping point in appropriate line items in sales order first. Then create delivery order as usual by using the correct shipping point.

Delivery split because of different shipping point
Standard routine derived from standard order type

The requirement check of shipping point in delivery order basically is controlled by copy control from sales order to delivery order in routine “Order Requirement”. For standard customizing from order type OR to delivery type LF, the routine used is 101 Item. If you copy your order type from this standard, this routine will follow automatically.

But, if the necessity is to differentiate the shipping point in delivery order without change the sales order, by using another routine it will possible. Here I means, routine “102 Item w/o transport” will be used. By replacing the routine 101 to 102, the above scenario can be provide.

Routine 102: Item w/o transport

Thus, what is the result? The different shipping point is possible to be used in delivery order without changing the sales order.

As shown is screenshot below, in sales order, shipping point used is WG02.

Shipping Point in Sales Order

After changed the routine number, then while creating delivery order, I fill the field shipping point with code WG01. It means that different shipping point will be used in delivery order.

Shipping point used when created delivery order

Then the result is, there is no delivery split error produced because of different shipping point.

Shipping point in delivery order

Then, the impact is there is a deviation from shipping point stated in sales order and actual shipping point used in delivery order. Communicate to user about this impact, then if they are no problems just continued with this way.


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