Fixed Quantity and Dates in Sales Order Document

Fixed Quantity and Dates affect in Backorder Rescheduling

When you used availability check in your sales order, you can decide to accept the confirmed quantity suggested by system or not. If you accept and want this confirmation qty and dated is fixed and can not be changed, then you can set the indicator in the field Fixed date and qty. What is mean confirmation is fixed and can not be changed? It is mean that when you rescheduling this order by using t-code V_V2 (Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Backorders -> Rescheduling), your order is not rescheduled.

Let see on screenshot below, here the customer ordered 200 BOX and based on can only be confirmed 196 BOX. Then, check box Fix qty/date is ticked.


Since there is different date that is used to be able to confirmed this order, then the system propose new schedule line item below the first schedule line on 20.02.2014 with 196 BOX as confirmed quantity.


And whenever rescheduling is done, this order will not be included in rescheduling program.

The comparison is appeared on screenshot below. Before I thick the check box Fix Date/Qty, the order is still appear in rescheduling program (yellow box).

Before thick Fix Date/Qty

Then, after I put the mark in the check box Fix Date/Qty, in rescheduling program, the order number 8832005444 is excluded.

After thick Fix Date/Qty
After thick Fix Date/Qty

Fixed Quantity and Dates affect in Transfer Requirement and Credit Check

Indicator Fixed dan qty in sales document also affects in transfer requirements during credit limit check. If this indicator left blank then the record will appear in program Stock/Requirements List (t-code: MD04), as seen on screenshot below. Whereas, this CustOrd 8832005444 is resulted over credit limit during credit check in sales order.


But, what is the impact when the indicator of fix quantity and date is ticked?

The answer is explain as follow. If your sales order is resulted in credit check, thus, your confirmed quantity from availability check will be deleted and become zero. Meanwhile, your order quantity for this order will not transfer into requirement list.

Before tick Fix Date & Qty indicator
Credit limit check during save sales order

System will automatically reset the confirm quantity to zero, no matter with the result gain from availability checked took before.

After tick Fix Date & Qty Indicator

And surely, in program requirement list will not include your sales order number into the list. See on yellow mark below, on 18.02.2014, order 8832005444 does not appear.

Impact on Stock/Requirement List


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