API in S/4HC

Since the environment is in the cloud, the communication used to get and set the data in or out S/4HC will use API.

If you go to this https://api.sap.com/, a lot of APIs are provided, but please make sure you choose the right API.

First thing, for S/4HC, choose the tile of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

You could also search using keyword to find the right API, for example “Business Partner” for Customer or Vendor, “Product Master” for material, and many more.

Basically the API is similar like BAPI, well yeah, just remove the ‘B’ from BAPI and it’s become API, isnt it 🙂

So in at glance, this Business Partner API contains many of segments which actually represent in where the data can be populated.

Your question would be, how to know what are the fields inside a particular segment?

Well, my answer is, first, use your common sense to guess by reading from the segment description. Because I think SAP tries to provide a tool that more user friendly for user with minim technical background for them to extract from database. So forget it to talk using field or table name (KNA1-KUNNR, KNVV-KDGRP, etc). And use more human language, please! 😛

Beside rely on your gut feeling, there is a documentation provided that you can refer to, click on the Details tab. A new page will be displayed.

Scroll to the down, then you will find the link of Documentation, click on that link.

Believe me, one good thing is, SAP provides quite a number of documentations but they are kept separately in different web addresses. So maintained your bookmark nicely so you won’t get lost track.

In this page you will get information:

  • The detail how to  use this API
  • What information can be retrieved in each segment you can figure it out by click on each segment. As you can see, the parameter represent field using the lament term. No more ‘planet’ name like KNA1, KNVV, KNB1, or similar.

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