Delivery Splitting

Based on my previous post about combining and splitting document, creation of delivery order document also have some split-relevant fields that is affected via the copy control. Note about it is can be access on: SAP Notes 546668 or you can download it on Delivery Splitting (sapnote_0000546668).

In this notes is explained several fields that influence the making of delivery order that is referenced from sales order document:

  • >> Split fields that can not be changed in delivery split are:
VSTEL Shipping point
KUNNR Goods recipient
  • >> The following split-relevant fields can be affected via the copy control, however, they should not be filled differently from the defaults since they are necessary for the control of the shipping process:
VKORG Sales organization
AUTLF Full delivery indicator
VSBED Shipping condition
FKARV Billing type (customer billing document)
LIFSK Delivery block
STAFO Update group for statistics
STWAE Statistics currency
KKBER Credit control area
KNKLI Account number of the customer with the credit limit default
GRUPP Customer credit group
SBGRP Processor group for credit management
CTLPC Credit management: Risk category
CMWAE Currency key of the credit control area
WAERK Currency of the sales document
INCO1 Incoterms 1
INCO2 Incoterms 2
KZAZU Indicator order combination
KDGRP Customer group
PERFK Invoicing dates (calendar identification)

Detail about the explanation of delivery splitting can be read in SAP Notes I already attached above.


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