Returnable Packaging part. 1

Process of returnable packaging basically like the consignment process which consist of:

  • Returnable Packaging Shipment
  • Returnable Packaging Pick Up
  • Returnable Packaging Issue

Returnable Packaging Shipment

>> On returnable packaging shipment, here will record the shipment of the packaging to customer.


To ship returnable packaging using a standard sales order, for example, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a sales order using the order type OR.
  2. Enter the required data on the customer, the materials , and the delivering plant.
  3. Enter the returnable packaging as a main item or sub-item as required. If you use packing functionality or HU management, this process cannot do automatically based on your HU number assignment when created delivery order. HU as the sub item will added automatically below the items of material if you made appropriate setting in item category assignment in delivery order.
  4. Enter all other relevant data and save the order.
  5. Create a delivery as the subsequent document for this sales order and, after picking has been completed successfully, post goods issue.

For more clearly, look at the screenshot below:

Here I create a sales order, the order type is “OR” which is used for standard order. I filled customer, material, and quantity that customer ordered. Since, I use packing functionality, I don’t add packaging material as a item in sales order. I will add the item when do delivery order.

Standard Sales Order
Standard Sales Order

From the sales order I have created, then I create delivery order. On delivery order document, I pack the material T-ATA01 into a packaging material PK-102 as you can see on screen below.

Delivery Order with Packaging Material
Delivery Order with Packaging Material

The packaging material is included as new item in delivery order with item category TAL. The determination of item category is setting in customizing. Since I already assigned the item category group “LEIH” for packaging material in sales view Sales: sales org. 2 in material master.

Also make sure movement type for ItCa TAL that is used in packaging material is 621 GI ret.pack.:lending.

After finished creating delivery order, then post goods issue will be done.

Movement Type of Packaging Material's Item Cat. Used
Movement Type of Packaging Material’s Item Cat. Used

After goods issue, the position of the stock will change. As you can see in MMBE transaction, there is 1 PC of material PK-102 in Cust.Ret.Pkg. The quantity of the packaging material is based on the GI quantity for delivery order made before. This process of returnable packaging shipment ended here. Based on the stock recorded then you can maintain your packaging material that was rented by your customer.

Stock Overview of Packaging Material
Stock Overview of Packaging Material
Material Document After Goods Issue
Material Document After Goods Issue

Since, material PK-102 is non valuated material, therefore there is no cost appear in accounting document.

Accounting document created in Returnable Pack. Shipment Process
Accounting document created in Returnable Pack. Shipment Process

If you continue the process to billing, then you will see that item PK-102 is not relevant for billing therefore there is this item not exist in billing document created.

Billing Document
Billing Document
Billing doc. number created
Billing doc. number created

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