Rules of Combine and Split SD Documents

For the first time I learnt SAP SD, I found that knowledge about the rules about combining and splitting reference document to target document (for example sales order to delivery order) was important. In customizing the combine and splitting of document mainly is controlled in copy control.  SAP partner academic definitely explain this process by using smart pictures. Here I capture all screenshot of the creation of SD document from sales order, delivery order, picking, and billing. This basic knowledge is very useful when meet with client requirements regarding with their flow about combine or splitting their document based on the real process happened. It also give awareness when creation of the document is developed using interface or Z program.

  • Creating an Order (Sales Order) Reference from Quotation
  • Influence factors: 
  • – Open Item
  • – Validity period
Creating an Order
Creating an Order
  • Creating an Outbound Delivery
  • Influence factors:
  • – Shipping Point
  • – Delivery Date
  • – Ship to Party
Creating an Outbound Delivery
Creating an Outbound Delivery
  • Creating Transfer Order (Picking WM)
  • Influence factors:
  • – Warehouse number
Creating Transfer Order
  • Creating Billing Document (Delivery Related)
  • Influence Factors:
  • – Payer
  • – Billing Date
  • – Destination Country
Creating a Billing Document
Creating a Billing Document

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